Representatives of political parties’ coalition announce their intention to run for president

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20 Jul 2016

The leader of Ar-Namys party Felix Kulov today at a briefing of the coalition of political parties in news agency said that they have united not to decide who would run for president.

 "Everybody independently decides whom to support. We have united not to decide who would run for the elections, everyone would run, the whole life is ahead," he said.

 Speaking about participation in the presidential elections, the politician stressed that he was not interested in participation in the elections under a parliamentary- presidential form of government. According to Kulov, he is for parliamentary form of government, when the president is nominal, and the Prime Minister is responsible. Chairman of Ar-Namys party also stressed that neither Askar Akaev nor Kurmanbek Bakiev "were responsible for anything."

"We must have a parliamentary form of government, the president should be nominal. We must have the same model as in the Federal Republic of Germany where the head is accountable to Parliament, the head of state and head of government is one person. When we have such a model, as in Germany, it will be interesting to me, when the prime minister will be responsible, when the winning party will execute the program," Felix Kulov said.

 As for the amendments to the electoral law, members of the coalition have raised the question of changing the existing rules in the first place for the stable growth of the state. "We must provide for and take all measures to avoid disturbances in the country," the "Iron General" said.

The leader of "Butun Kyrgyzstan" party Adakhan Madumarov, in his turn, noted that they have the whole life ahead. "But we do not want to watch indifferently the events that occur in the country. I will not dissemble, I have said a thousand times that the presidential elections is not an end in itself, but a tool to implement plans. We will fight," the politician said.

 Another participant of the briefing, co-chairwoman of Aalam party Zhyldyzkan Dzholdoshova said if the presidential or the parliamentary elections are open and transparent, the state would prosper.

According to the ex-deputy, if the elections are held with the use of financial resources, it has a negative impact on everybody. "The honest politicians do not have money, so they do not get into the vertical of executive power," Zhyldyzkan Dzholdoshova said.