Post-election Analysis
Mar 15 2020
On February 21st, 2020, 57,918,000 Iranians were called to vote in the first round of the 11th Legislative Elections since the establishment of the Iranian Islamic Republic in 1979. Among the voters, 2,931,000 were first-time...
Five months after the past election the Israelis will return to the polls on Tuesday September 18th to settle a bet between the two most experienced right politicians. The acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opted for new...
Despite corruption charges, Netanyahu won elections for the fourth time and he will likely form a very similar government, although with slightly less support in the Knesset.
Israel is holding elections on April 9th, and it seems nothing will change. Although polls predict Likud’s defeat, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will very likely lead again the next Government....
In 1948, Israel tried to convince the world a western-like democracy had been born in the Middle East due to a decision approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Seventy years later,...
Post-election Analysis
Mar 03 2016
Although 70 out of 290 seats of the Islamic Consultative Assembly are yet to decide, and the definitive data of the first round have still not been ratified by the Guardian Council, some conclusions...
On February 26th the first round of the 10th legislative elections to designate the 290 members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majles-e Shura-ye Eslami), which is convened every four years,...
Electoral processes in the Gulf: overview of the past 10 years

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Upcoming Elections

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  • Syria - Legislative (Jul 19 2020)
    Observations: Initially called for April 13th, they are posponed due to COVID-19 until May 20th, and again until July 19th
  • Kyrgyzstan - Legislative (Oct 04 2020)
  • Egypt - Legislative (Oct 24 2020)
    Observations: two rounds (24-25th October and 7th-8th November)
  • Algeria - Referendum (Nov 01 2020)
    Observations: The text was approved by the parliament, despite the oppositio's boycott and unpopularity

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