IEC Allocates $30M For Purchasing Biometric Devices

Fecha de publicación: 
18 Jun 2019

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday announced the allocation of $30 million for purchasing biometric identification devices ahead of the September presidential elections.

The head of the IEC secretariate, Habib-Ur-Rahman Nang said the election commission has finalized $150 million as the budget for the elections and that it has been shared with the Ministry of Finance.

Nang made the statement during a ceremony that marked the official launch of distribution of certificates and identity cards to the election observers.

“Overall, the budget plan we sent to Ministry of Finance is estimated to $150 million,” said Nang. “We are trying to reduce this amount of money. We have held talks with those companies preparing the devices.”

The IEC members called on the political parties and electoral observers to help in overseeing the process.

In her latest statement, the head of the IEC, Hawa Alam Nuristani, said the commission had registered over 400,000 new voters between June 8 and 15 while the commission’s spokesman put the figure at 41,000 voters during this period.  

“Those willing to obtain certificates should register online,” said Abdul Khabir Momand, member of the IEC.

Afghanistan’s presidential election is scheduled for September 28.