Election Results Announcement Still Pending

Fecha de publicación: 
26 Oct 2019

As speculation among Afghan presidential contenders continues, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) still has not managed to come up with an exact date to announce the preliminary results of the elections.

There are reports that Election Commission officials are in conflict with the commission’s secretariat.

IEC commissioner Awrangzeb on Saturday said that the proposal to delay the preliminary result for three weeks by the IEC’s secretariat has been facing opposition and that meetings are underway to settle the issue.

But so far there has been no breakthrough, he said.

“The timeframe which was proposed to us by the secretariat was three weeks, and that’s a very lengthy time, and unrealistic. So we asked the secretariat to hold discussions on the timeframe and this three weeks’ time must be reduced,” said Awaragnzeb.

The commission initially said that it would announce the preliminary results on October 19, but the commission failed to do so.

“Every delay should have a justification for it, illogical delays are not acceptable,” said Dawoud Sultanzoi, a member of State Building campaign.

“Now that the secretarit talks about three weeks’ delay, it means it has not completed its administrative works properly and they want to put the responsibilities on others,” said Sher Aqa Rouhani, member of Peace and Justice campaign.

The Election Commission officials meanwhile said that the process of verifying 1.9 million votes in the IEC’s data center has been completed.

However, officials from the Stability and Convergence campaign, which is led by Abdullah Abdullah, said that the number of biometric votes in the IEC’s date center are not real numbers.
“They announced the total number of votes to be about 1.9 million and it was shocking to us, so we consulted with them and the votes were counted authentically and later on the overall number of votes was estimated to be 1.7 million,” said Noor Rahman Akhlaqi, a member of the Stability and Convergence campaign.

Based on the Election Commission’s numbers, over 1.9 million biometric votes were used in the September 28 presidential elections.