Election Preliminary Result Could Face Delay: IEC

Fecha de publicación: 
15 Oct 2019

The Independent Election Commission on Tuesday said that the announcement of the preliminary election results might be delayed.

Rahima Zarifi, an IEC commissioner, stated that the possible delay for the preliminary results could be between three or four days or a week, but she said that the commission is working in three shifts to accelerate the process.

“If the process faces a two or three-day delay past the original deadline, we will share all the reasons with the Afghan people. But the election timeline will not be delayed more than three or four days, or more than a week,” said Zarifi.

According to the Election Commission, the information from approximately 1,300,000 voters, and 23,000 result sheets, has been transferred to the national data center.

This comes a day after the IEC released new figures, saying that data from approximately 23,000 biometric devices (85% of total), has been transferred to the national data center and that the current vote count from this data is 1,737,078.