Ghani, Abdullah Accused Of Large-Scale Electoral Fraud

Fecha de publicación: 
15 Oct 2019

The Council of Presidential Candidates on Tuesday accused Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah for being involved in large-scale electoral fraud.


They said that each of these two candidates declared himself winner of the election while the nation was still awaiting the election commission to separate the valid and invalid votes.  


The Council members also said that any attempt to put pressure on the election result before the invalidation of fake votes could push the country into crisis.


“The ruling team is trying to refer the issue of the non-biometric votes to the Supreme Court, and this will be a great act of oppression. This will reduce any trust that the Afghan people have in the legal and judicial institutions,” said Rahmatullah Nabil, a presidential candidate.


“These candidates (Ghani and Abdullah) messed up with three elections, so there is no one worse than them,” said Enayatullah Hafiz, a presidential candidate.


“We didn’t get an answer from the international community whenever we consulted them, we asked several times whether you (international community) will guarantee the transparency of the election,” said Ahmad Wali Massoud, a presidential election candidate.


Council members said that they will also dispatch a letter to the UN Security Council about the fraud by the leaders of the national unity government.


“We are completely monitoring the work of the secretariat of the Election Commission, we will not allow them to commit a violation. Anyone who tries to commit a violation—his place will in prison,” said Shahab Hakimi, a presidential election candidate.


The Council also stated that it is trying to prevent the entry of one million fake votes into the election commission’s database.


The Council in a letter to the election commissions, asked them to clarify the exact numbers of polling stations, voters, biometric devices and the way that the commission is undertaking data entry.