Turnout in the local government elections in Albania was around 48%

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21 Jun 2015

In Albania, the Central Election Commission (CEC) published a little before Sunday midnight, the turnout percentages based on its district.

Following a calculation of the majority of polling stations, the turnout is one million and 530 thousand voters or 57.54% out of 3.4 million eligible voters.

The highest turnout has been marked in the north, in Diber, with around 58% and the lowest turnout in Vlora with around 37%. The counting process has started in a small part of ballot boxes.

Early results indicate a strong advantage of the governing majority.

Leaders of majority and opposition each claimed victory in the elections.

The official result is expected to come out in the first days of the week.

The figures which are an indicator of the final result are expected to come out on Monday morning.

In the 2011 elections, the final result took two months to be made official.

These were the seventh local government elections in Albania since the fall of communism.

By comparing the past three elections, figures are similar, especially with 2007.

In 2003, turnout was 52%.

In 2007 turnout was 46.37%.

In 2011, turnout was 50.5%. 



Source: http://www.balkaneu.com/turnout-local-government-elections-albania-48/