Low Turnout Marks Albania Local Elections

Balkan Insight
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23 Jun 2015

Election day was generally calm without major incidents but the turnout was much lower than in the 2013 general elections.

Preliminary data from the Central Election Commission shows about 45 per cent of voters cast their ballot. This is the lowest turnout in 25 years.

Although 3.37 million Albanians have the right to vote, an estimated one third of them have left the country, seeking a better life. In 2013, about 1.7 million Albanians voted in the general elections with the turnout reaching 53 per cent.

Both government and the opposition said they were happy with the expected results.

Vote counting process is expected to continue for several days.

The elections are held after the recentreform of the administrative divisions in the country.

Albania cut the number of local administrative units from 373 to 61 last year, hoping to improve the efficiency of municipal services.

Since the new administrative units will have to carry out the transition from the previous units, some experts fears municipal services will suffer if the process is not carried out effectively.


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