Damaging democratic standards may be a threat for the future of Albania, leader of the opposition says

Independent Balkan News Agency
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29 Jul 2015

Opposition in Albania says that the country is making steps backwards and that the damaging democratic standards is a serious threat to the future of Albania.

The leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has launched a campaign of information, as he called, with international authorities and European politicians, to brief them on the problems of the country.

Mr. Basha received in a meeting the Political Director at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Jan Kickert and the head for Western Balkan, Johann Sattler.

After this meeting, Basha said that he informed the senior Austrian diplomats on “the serious violations of standards in the recent elections, massive purchases of votes, the pressure exerted on voters, the involvement of the administration and public institutions in the process and the running of people with criminal records”.

“The incrimination  of the administration and politics, including Parliament, are a great concern for the country”, Basha said.

Without finalizing decriminalization, for which the Democratic Party is determined, Albania cannot have a European future, the opposition leader warned.

Basha also briefed Austrian officials that bad governance is causing dramatic consequences to the economy and is causing constant injustices.

According to him, this is forcing many Albanians to leave the country and seek asylum in Europe.

“This growing exodus of Albanians is becoming worrying and is putting at risk the free visa regime in the Shenghen area for Albanians, a process which was a very difficult one and which demanded lots of efforts”, the head of DP warns.


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