Second largest party of the left wing majority doesn’t rule out a reunification with the right wing

Independent Balkan News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
03 Ago 2015

In Albania, Socialist Movement for Integration of the parliamentary speaker, Ilir Meta, doesn’t rule out a possible reunification with the right wing in the future, as long as this serves to the interest of the country and the citizens.

Commenting the possible return to cooperating with Democratic Party, leader of the SMI, who is a speaker of the Albanian Parliament, Ilir Meta, alludes that the 2009-2013 period may be repeated.

“What’s important for us is for SMI to serve to the country in terms of governing”, Meta says.

He said that SMI is ready to serve the country as a responsible opposition and constructive force. “In any way the citizens believe that this force should serve them”.

Meta says that SMI is not a political force which must be in power by all means and join one main party or the other,  SP or DP.

Moreover, Meta admits that the party that he leads is open for any political configuration, when he says that “SMI is a political force that serves the interests of the country and Albanian citizens” and “the interest of the citizens will prevail in SMI’s decision making”.

In this year’s local government elections, SMI doubled its votes compared to the local government elections of four years ago.

As far as municipality councilors are concerned, SMI obtained 118 thousand votes in the last local government elections, while it obtained 260 thousand votes in the June elections.

For the head of SMI, Ilir Meta, “it’s not important how votes come and where they come from”, while noting that “SMI’s growth mainly comes from the youth and young voters”.

As far as parliamentary elections are concerned, which will be held in two years, SMI doesn’t officially declare if it will continue the coalition with the SP or not or if it will explore other possibilities in the political spectrum.

“Before we head to the 2017 elections, we have another two important years ahead of us, where we have to harvest what we have sown during these two years of difficult reforms, which means a bigger economic and social progress, a bigger economic growth and new jobs”, Mr. Meta says.