Fule Reminds Albania of Need for Free Elections

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26 Mar 2013

“The existing broad consensus in Albania on European Union integration needs to be confirmed by action,” Fule said in a speech at a conference in Tirana. 

“It is the responsibility of all political parties, whether in government or in opposition, but also of the entire Albanian society, to help guarantee that the forthcoming elections reach a high level of democratic standards, which doesn’t leave them open to being contested,” he added.

Albania’s has history of contested polls that do not meet international standards. The last general elections in 2009 sparked a political crisis, which reverberates to this day.

Fule’s call comes as parties are gearing up for June 23 parliamentary elections, which are expected to make the political climate in Tirana especially tense.  

The Central Electoral Commission, CEC, remains divided on political lines and questions have emerged about whether it will be able to oversee a free and fair election process.

Despite obtaining a conditional recommendation from the European Commission, the EU Council of Ministers rejected Albania’s bid for candidate status in December 2012.

The Council said that despite making some progress, Albania had to do more in the fight against corruption and organized crime and conduct elections according to international standards. 

“Albania's goal of European Union integration needs to be mainstreamed in political programmes and agendas,” Fule said.

“By ensuring this, Albania will send a strong signal of maturity and commitment to democratic values and stability,” he concluded.


Besar Likmeta