Albania Names New Ministers After Coalition Dissolves

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04 Abr 2013

With 72 votes in favour in the 140-seat assembly, the Minister of Culture, Aldo Bumci, was named Foreign Minister, while a Democratic Party MP, Florion Mima, was named Minister of Economy.

Halim Kosova, a well-know gynecologist, was named Health Minister and the Minister of Education, Myqerem Tafaj, will serve also as deputy premier.

Visar Zhiti, the poet, became the new Minister of Culture, replacing Bumci.

The new cabinet was voted in with the votes of the ruling Democratic Party coalition plus two Socialist MPs who switched sides and declared themselves independent on Wednesday. The LSI abstained in the vote, while the opposition Socialists voted against. 

The changes took place after the LSI withdrew its three ministers from the government on Wednesday after joining the opposition Socialist Party coalition ahead of the elections.

Since its formation in 2004, the LSI has established itself as the third force in Albania after the opposition Socialists and the ruling Democrats, deciding the balance of power in at least three elections.

Formed as a splinter group from the Socialists, in 2009 the LSI joined forces with the centre-right Democrats to form a coalition government. 


Besar Likmeta