Iraqi Parliament approves 25 candidates for presidency - Electing a president is second step stipulated by constitution in forming a government

31 Ene 2022
The National

The Iraqi Parliament has approved a list of 25 candidates for the presidency.

The legislative body is scheduled to meet on February 7 to vote for the republic's next president, a largely ceremonial role, in an important step towards the formation of a new government after October's general election.

Two wounded as rocket fire targets Iraq’s parliament speaker's home

26 Ene 2022
Al Arabiya News

Two children were wounded Tuesday night when rockets were fired towards the home of Iraq's speaker of parliament, security sources said.

Three Katyusha rockets landed some “500 metres” (1,640 feet) from the home of Mohammed al-Halbousi in the Gurma district of Anbar province, west of the capital Baghdad, a security source told AFP.

Iraqi protesters demand election recount in Baghdad

19 Oct 2021
Al Jazeera

Hundreds of supporters of Iraq’s powerful Hashd al-Shaabi – a pro-Iranian former paramilitary force – protested on Tuesday against “fraud” at recent parliamentary elections in which their movement performed poorly.

The Conquest (Fatah) Alliance, the political arm of the multiparty Hashd, won about 15 seats in the October 10 vote, according to preliminary results.

In the last parliament, it held 48 seats, making it the second-largest bloc.

Iraq announces full results of parliamentary elections

17 Oct 2021
Anadolou Agency

Muqtada al-Sadr's coalition wins 73 seats in Iraqi parliament


Iraq’s election commission has announced the full results of last weekend’s parliamentary elections, with Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s Sairoon Alliance dominating the polls.

The commission said al-Sadr’s party won 73 seats in the 329-member parliament, followed by Taqaddum (progress) bloc of Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi with 37 seats.

Iraq holds early voting ahead of parliamentary elections

08 Oct 2021
Al Jazeera

Early voting has begun in Iraq’s parliamentary elections, with security forces, prisoners and internally displaced people casting their ballots two days ahead of Sunday’s general vote.

Iraqis are to elect a new parliament in the fifth such vote since a United States-led invasion in 2003 overthrew longtime leader Saddam Hussein.

A total of 329 seats are up for grabs in the election, which was moved forward from 2022 as a concession to youth-led pro-democracy protests that erupted in late 2019.

Iraq asks UN to monitor upcoming elections

28 Ene 2021

Past elections in the war-torn country were marred by vote-rigging and corruption allegation

Iraq asked the UN Security Council to monitor the progress of election preparations, as the country gears up to hold a nationwide vote in October, the country's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Previous elections in the war-torn country were marred with vote-rigging and corruption allegations and reports of irregularities in several provinces and cities.

El Gobierno de Irak aprueba aplazar al 10 de octubre las elecciones parlamentarias

19 Ene 2021
Europa press

El Gobierno de Irak ha aprobado este martes aplazar al 10 de octubre las elecciones parlamentarias, previstas para el mes de junio, tras el llamamiento en este sentido formulado por la comisión electoral durante la jornada del domingo.

La decisión ha sido adoptada durante una sesión del Consejo de Ministros encabezada por el primer ministro, Mostfá al Kazemi, en la que han participado además miembros de la Alta Comisión Electoral Independiente (IHEC), según ha informado la agencia iraquí de noticias NINA.

Iraqi electoral commission calls on foreign countries to monitor upcoming elections

06 Ene 2021

BAGHDAD, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) called Tuesday on foreign countries and diplomatic missions in Iraq to monitor the upcoming elections slated for June 6.

The IHEC said in a statement that it also called on local organizations to monitor the elections at all its stages "to achieve fair elections."

The commission urged all eligible voters to check and update their voter registration records in registration centers across the country, starting from Jan. 2 to Feb. 2.

Parlamento iraquí aprueba a Al Kazemi

07 Mayo 2020
La Vanguardia y EFE

Bagdad, 7 may (EFE).- El Parlamento iraquí aprobó hoy la designación del exjefe de la Inteligencia Mustafa al Kazemi como nuevo primer ministro y puso fin a cinco meses de interinidad en el cargo Adel Abdelmahadi, quien había dimitido el 29 de noviembre.

El fragmentado Parlamento iraquí respaldó a Al Kazemi y a 15 ministros del nuevo gabinete de Gobierno y pospuso la aprobación de los ministros de Exteriores y Petróleo.

Irak: le président Saleh charge Adnane Zorfi de tenter de former un gouvernement

17 Mar 2020

En Irak, le président Barham Saleh a nommé Premier ministre Adnane Zorfi, 54 ans, ex-gouverneur de la province de Najaf, de former un nouveau gouvernement. Il est le deuxième candidat à tenter sa chance, après Mohammed Allawi qui a jeté l’éponge il y a 15 jours face à un Parlement très divisé.

Irak busca aplacar la crisis con un nuevo primer ministro

01 Feb 2020
El País

El presidente iraquí, Barham Salih, ha nombrado primer ministro a Mohamed Tawfiq Allawi este sábado, al cumplirse el plazo que dio al Parlamento sin que los grupos políticos hayan consensuado un candidato. Irak se encontraba con un Gobierno en funciones desde que el pasado 1 de diciembre el anterior primer ministro, Adel Abdelmahdi, dimitiera ante la presión de las protestas populares. Las primeras reacciones de los manifestantes han sido de rechazo.

Iraq's electoral commission postpones local elections until April 2020

17 Jun 2019
Iraq now

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Monday that provincial elections will be held across the country on April 20, 2020, the second time the date has been changed this year.

They were originally set to take place on Dec. 22, 2018, but IHEC announced in January that they would be postponed until November 2019, five months before the new date just announced.

“The election has been delayed for two years now,” commission member Hazim Redini told Kurdistan 24.