Egyptian presidential candidates accused of plotting against the state

The Guardian
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04 Dic 2012

Egypt's public prosecutor has referred a complaint against three former presidential candidates to the country's state prosecution service for espionage and plotting against the state.

The complaint against Mohamed ElBaradei, Hamdein Sabahy and Amr Moussa, as well as Wafd party leader Sayed Badawi, was filed by Hamed Sadek, a lawyer who is accusing the opposition figureheads of being embroiled in a "Zionist plot" to overthrow the Islamist-led government of Mohamed Morsi. Sadek has alleged that Moussa, a former Egyptian foreign minister and former head of the Arab League, secretly met Israel's former foreign minister Tzipi Livni to drum up domestic turmoil and bring the country to its knees.

The development came as anti-Morsi protesters remained outside the presidential palace late on Tuesday night.

While some opposition movements said they were withdrawing from outside the palace and returning to the sit-in in Tahrir Square, others – among them ElBaradei's Constitution party – announced that they would begin a sit-in at the palace leading up to another mass rally scheduled for Friday.

The president's office remained quiet on Tuesday. Speculation that a statement would be issued by Morsi was denied by his spokesman Yasser Ali, who said the presidential team was going about its work within the presidential palace in a normal manner.