Albania Opposition Spotlight Electoral Roll Errors

Balkan Insight
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10 Mayo 2013

“Our experts have found 25,874 records that are suspected of being duplications in the voters’ list for the elections,” Bledi Cuci, Socialist undersecretary for electoral affairs, said Thursday.

“Our latest extract has also found that 352,237 voters that are recorded in the list do not have an exact address,” he added.

According to Cuci, the most problematic regions where voters do not have an exact address is Tirana, followed by Vlora, Shkodra and Korca.  

Albania’s has a long history of contested polls that do not meet international standards. The last general elections in 2009 sparked a political crisis between the ruling Democrats and opposition Socialists, which reverberates to this day.   

The June 23 parliamentary elections are seen as litmus test for Tirana’s political elite to advance the country’s battered integration goals toward the EU.  

Cuci said that the Socialist had indentified the voters that appear registered in two or more regions and would not allow them two vote twice on election day.

“We have all the information necessary and we guarantee that none of these voters will have the chance to vote more than once on June 23,” he vowed.