Tokon Mamytov: Decision to liquidate violators of state border of Kyrgyz Republic was right

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30 Ene 2014

"The decision to liquidate violators of the state border of Kyrgyzstan was right," Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Tokon Mamytov said today at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Defense and Security.

Note, the committee members discussed the incident on the Kyrgyz-Chinese border in Ak-Shyirak area of Issyk-Kul border detachment. "It is not right to blame border guards, who killed the trespassers. But the fact that all of them were killed is a big minus. We have lost the lead," the MP Ismail Isakov said.

“The liquidation was correct. The decision was prompted by certain circumstances. Two groups of special troops’ officers were sent to the scene by plane. But both of them did not arrive due to bad weather conditions and landed in Tamga. The border guards did not just killed the intruders. They offered them to surrender, which was followed by the shooting and arson. It was getting dark. If they broke through, nobody knows what consequences it may have," Mamytov said.

“Time will show who is right and who is not," members of the committee noted, stressing that it was too early to assess the situation and the final decision should be made after the investigation.

Recall, an incident occurred at Ak-Shyirak section of Issyk-Kul border detachment on the Kyrgyz –Chinese border on January 23, 2014. Unknown men violated the state border. A 62-year-old employee of the Hunters and Anglers Association Alexander Barykin offered armed resistance to the trespassers, killing 2 criminals. But he was murdered. Later on all the violators were liquidated.

Photos of 11 violators of the state border, who were killed in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, were sent to Beijing, acting Chairman of the State Border Service Raimberdi Duyshenbiyev said today at a session of the parliamentary Defense and Security Committee.

“Representatives of China attended the identification of bodies’ procedure. They inspected the outfit. Photographs of the bodies were sent to Beijing. The Chinese side will check the data, and they will provide us with information in the coming days," Raimberdi Duyshenbiyev said.