Parliamentary, experimental Kyrgyzstan

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19 Mar 2014

Quite expectedly, but suddenly for many deputies of the parliament (actually, like working in the districts, thus, missing these days in the Parliament) declared the collapse of the majority coalition. Ata Meken faction became the grave digger of the Zhantoro Satybaldiev's government. Omurbek Tekebayev, who earlier strived for retirement of the previous cabinet of ministries headed by Omurbek Bababnov, now claims to become the record holder for digging graves for officials. 

Why are socialists itching for?

The Father of the Constitution, after a short intriguing pause, when the fraction discussed the issue behind closed doors, spoke with journalists and explained the decision of Ata Meken deputies.

According to Omurbek Tekebayev, the faction considered that Zhantoro Satybaldiev "exhausted moral and political resources for full execution of his assigned functions and activities as prime minister."

It sounds nice. At the same time the statement of the socialists reports that "the results of the government activity for 2013 show that it has carried out a good job in general."

"Following the 2013, according to preliminary estimates of the National Statistics Committee, GDP was formed in the amount of 350 billion soms and actually increased by 10.5 percent. Real GDP growth (excluding enterprises developing Kumtor) amounted to 105.8 per cent," Ata Meken agrees. The cards are shown: "However, the Government is not only executive, but also a political body, and the prime minister is a political figure. His legitimacy is determined not only by the legality of taking the office, but also by the confidence of people. Unfortunately, the trust put on Zhantoro Satybaldiyev, was undermined by many of his actions".

The official is accused of his bad work as the Head of the State Directorate for Reconstruction of Jalal-Abad and Osh cities.

It is clear for many what prevented the deputy corps, including Ata-Meken members, study the work of the agency and Zhantoro Satybaldiyev himself until his appointment as Prime Minister: political games that are so fond of our deputies. It is very convenient to keep the official, whose has dingy career, on a leash.

Prestarting cares

According to many experts, Tekebayev, experienced and farsighted politician, began preparations for the parliamentary elections-2015. Having left not only the 20-year history of the opposition, but also, almost crossed it, obscure marauding post-April past, the party is balancing on the edge of infamous losing of their voters. Of course, the leader of Ata Meken can not allow such a disgrace.

"Exposing" high-ranking persons of the government, Tekebayev, undoubtedly, is saving his points, which will be useful in the midst of propaganda campaigns in 2015. After all, how convincingly his tribune speech about corrupt, slovenly and talkative officials will sound! ...

It is noteworthy that the meeting of the faction, where a question about the exit of the majority coalition was discussed, was attended by the members of the government itself - the Vice Prime Minister Dzhoomart Otorbayev, the Minister of Justice Almambet Shykmamatov and the Head of the Social Development Ministry Kudaibergen Bazarbayev. All of them are protégés of Ata Meken.

To the applause of gravediggers of the cabinet, this trio went to the press and willingly commented on the nearest future.

The Vice Prime Minister sees nothing tragic in breakup of the coalition. "The collapse of the coalition and the resignation of the government will not affect social conditions in Kyrgyzstan," Dzhoomart Otorbayev said.

He considers that it is incorrect to comment on the decision of Ata Meken faction. The deputy of Zhantoro Satybaldiyev also believes that "deputies acted in a right way from moral point of view."

According to the official, policy shifts won't influence the situation in the country.

Of course, will not affect. Kyrgyzstanis used to experiments and shakeouts, we have a strong immunity.

But nobody mentioned about the economic component. Now it is the midst of spring field works, which our crops in autumn depend on. But it seems no one cares. And it is not necessary at all to say that a long-suffering sector of small and medium entrepreneurship now slows down again, waiting for a new government, it is not necessary at all.

The Minister of Justice Almambet Shykmamatov, who also commented on the main news of the day, demonstrated ignorance of the Constitution and the laws by misinforming journalists, and went away.

Dark horse

Considering that inhabitants of experimental country can't be surprised by anything, news of collapse of the coalition and, as a consequence, the government's resignation will settle quickly. And they took up took a favorite - guessing who will join the majority and who becomes the head of government now.

Fantasies of the interested in local politics are violent. They name dozens of names of the future prime minister.

Tekebayev himself on the request of news agency said succinctly: "I do not know." Ata Meken members, having broken up the coalition, left to carry out their direct responsibilities - to listen to the voters of districts of Naryn and Jalal- Abad provinces.

The rest members of the Parliament took a break. But there is active divination on the sidelines.

Among the proposed to the prime minister post are: the leader of Ar-Namys Felix Kulov, the Spokesman Asylbek Zheenbekov himself, the current Deputy Prime Minister Dzhoomart Otorbayev, another Vice PM - Tayirbek Sarpashev, the Economy Minister Temir Sariev, a former friend of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev Aaly Karashev, sworn friend of Omurbek Tekebayev Omurbek Babanov, the short while Mayor of Bishkek Kubanychbek Kulmatov and others.

According to the rules of local politicians, all applicants theatrically roll their eyes and swear that they don't know anything about themselves as "candidates" and there were no proposals. And how they are eager for, aren't they?

Felix Kulov doesn't hide his ambitions for the prime minister post. He also rolls his eyes theatrically and dismisses the matter, but he is not very good at it as well as settling the discipline within his own faction.

A good half of this list can be deleted from the list too without looking, referring the fantasies to their own exaggerated ambitions.

One thing is clear: the country's president or majority coalition has the right to offer. And the first a candidate for the post of prime minister, and for the first time the coalition will be obliged to take into account the regional dimension, whether we like it or not. Almazbek Atambayev is unlikely to jeopardize already not the most cordial relations with the deputies by ignoring the southern factor.

The southern sector has livened up. Even Zhyldyzkan Dzholdoshova from Ata-Zhurt suddenly temper justice with mercy and has addressed unspent portion of your love to Atambayev. It is unlikely the emotional ode about a stab in the back, which was stuck by Tekebayev, was devoted to the president. It is most likely a slap in the address of the coalition's gravedigger.

Experience number...

The experiment with possibilities of parliamentary form of the government in Kyrgyzstan continues.

For three and a half years the Parliament has contrived to split the third in succession coalition.

But its members do not mind that all the responsibility for the mess with the frequent changes of government, faction's scandals and rapid loss of at least some power rests with the holders of deputy mandates.

The same Kulov easily and naturally confided to reporters the day before. "Certainly I can say that a new coalition will preserve the former membership. There aren't any contradictions between the factions, so, obviously it will be renewed composition. But the President will decide who is to form new union," Felix Kulov specified.

You know, the same SDPK, Ar-Namys and Ata-Meken factions, which according to Kulov's predictions to constitute the fourth coalition, will continue intrigues, blackmailing another Prime Minister, shake up compromising evidences on each other from time to time, and no one will be liable. Including moral aspect.

Members of Respublika party also revived. More precisely, what is left of Respublika faction. It states that it wouldn't mind to enter a new parliamentary majority. But no one confused about the fact that almost nothing is left of the faction. Obviously, deputy groups of rebels and faction defectors stand in the queue. That is, hell of "force" - there is no more unreliable.

Nothing to laugh at

Meanwhile, the second half of 2014 will be the point of no return for most politicians. And for the president too. Kyrgyzstan will start countdown before the parliamentary elections in 2015 and presidential in 2016. The term not just short - a critical one.

The fact that most of the optimistic reports about certain economic achievements of the country, pouring from the mouths of officials, are far from reality. Citizens don't care of highly conditional, if not mythical figures such as GDP per capita. Because citizens measure their food basket by own fridge and what a wife put on the table. We're not going to deny that hundreds of thousands of families, which don't live in Bishkek, have extremely poor eats - tea and flat cakes. And that is all. How naive it is to deny the presence of hundreds of thousands of unemployed and the lack of new industries, factories, which could provide jobs for dawdling Kyrgyzstanis. The ones that the politicians themselves carry on rallies and other actions of blackmailing the power.

Creation of the next parliamentary coalition and the appointment with its submission of a new victim of the Parliament (head of government) - is another act of great preelection game. Nothing more. Whoever comes to the post of prime minister, he will be the whipping boy and a tool of interfactional and interclan bids.

There is no question that the upcoming election campaigns will set a course for the program of sustainable development of the country's economy. We will witness an intermediate stage of the political game, in which there are no winners.