Omurbek Tekebayev: New coalition, most likely, to be preserved in the same format: SDPK, Ata-Meken and Ar-Namys

Fuente: News Agency
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24 Mar 2014

"A new coalition, most likely, will remain in the same format: SDPK, Ata-Meken, Ar-Namys," the leader of parliamentary socialists Omurbek Tekebayev stated to news agency.

According to him, the only thing left is to speak with the head of Ar-Namys parliamentary faction Felix Kulov.

"Yes, all factions have their conditions for entry into the alliance. We also outlined our conditions, and if today's talks are fruitful, then, we, i.e. the coalition, will present the vision of the government and candidacy for the post of prime minister on Thursday at the plenary session," Tekebayev said.

He also added that there is no question of joining the Respublika to the coalition. "Some members of the coalition strongly oppose. Respublika party is too fragmented. At least three groups of deputies split off from it," Tekebayev said.

Recall that Almazbek Atambayev handed over a mandate for formation of a new coalition to social-democrats and noted that new configuration must be created until April 11.

Yrys aldy Ynymak coalition disintegrated on March 18 owing to the secession of Ata Meken faction. The Government Zhantoro Satybaldiev was dismissed.