Respublika Faction nominates Omurbek Babanov as prime minister

Fuente: News Agency
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24 Mar 2014

Respublika Parliamentary Faction nominates Omurbek Babanov as prime minister, the member of the faction Kenzhebek Bokoev said to news agency.

According to him, this is the basic condition of entering of Respublika in the future coalition. "But we stand for all factions to nominate their candidates for alternative," Kenzhebek Bokoev noted.

He added that the faction hasn't received an official invitation on joining the alliance yet. "But we don't consider the variant to stay in opposition till the end of the term," he said.

Recall, Yrys Aldy Yntymak Coalition had disintegrated after Ata Meken withdrew its membership on March 18. The government was resigned on March 19. SDPK faction received the mandate on forming new alliance on March 20.