Anarbek Kalmatov: Kyrgyz deputies should trust government more

Fuente: News Agency
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26 Mar 2014

"The deputies of the Kyrgyz Parliament should learn to trust the Government more," the MP Anarbek Kalmatov stated today at session while discussing amendments to the Constitutional Law "On Government".

According to him, colleagues suggest to strengthen control over the work of state bodies, to check their positions. "But each branch of government has its own powers and we shouldn't exceed them and violate the Constitution. If we adopt the law, the only thing that the committees will do tomorrow - to check regulations of ministries and departments. We will just sink into papers. Why don't we trust our elected by us members the government? Only one ministry publishes a great number of regulations, so what, we will check each of them? I think this is wrong," Anarbek Kalmatov added.