On March 31 opposition plans to claim returning of presidential- parliamentary government

24.kg News Agency
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26 Mar 2014

On March 31 opposition plans to demand returning of the government to legalize national assembly and return to a presidential- parliamentary form of government. The former deputy Sadyr Zhaparov - one of the main organizers of the protest informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the rally is scheduled for March 31, it will be held in the format of the popular kurultay and will be purely peaceful. "If only the authorities do not go against the people. In addition, we are categorically against manifestations of nationalism and regionalism. Therefore, from our side there won't be provocation and incitement to ethnic or inter-regional strife. Our demands are simple and clear: Kumtor should work in the interests of not only investors, but also of the state. Also we require to initiate and adopt a law on lustration, change the system of state government - to return to a presidential- parliamentary form of government. To introduce the institute of national assembly to the Constitution. President heads the government and is responsible for internal and external policies. There will be only one vice-president and ministers. Parliament will be elected from single-member districts. Political parties may also nominate candidates. Representatives from each region of the republic once a year will be assembled at the national assembly and listen to reports from all branches of government. Assembly's delegates will be elected in accordance with the law. If kurultay deems a report of one of the branches of government unsatisfactory, its leader must leave his post," Sadyr Zhaparov said.

He added that the rally is scheduled for March 31 at Ala-Too Square. "We have no special permission. It is not required. The Constitution says that every citizen has the right to hold rallies and processions. It is sufficient to notify the authorities that on March 31 there will be held nationwide kurultay. Media sources throughout the country repeatedly informed. We believe that this is enough. I can't say how long the event will continue. As long as it is required to discuss all the issues on the agenda," Sadyr Zhaparov concluded.


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