Opposition of Kyrgyzstan is going to hold rally despite ban of Bishkek authorities

24.kg News Agency
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03 Abr 2014

The national opposition movement of Kyrgyzstan is going to hold a rally despite the ban of Bishkek authorities. The leader of the opposition Ravshan Zheenbekov stated today at the press conference in 24.kg news agency.

The protest action is scheduled for April 10 in Bishkek in Gorky Park. Mambetzhunus Abylov is appointed a commandant of the rally. The oppositionists state that it will be just peaceful rally, called to announce the principled positions on seven issues. The requirement on taking the final decision on Kumtor will be declared within the rally too. They also requite to prohibit selling strategic objects of the country, such as Manas International Airport, to foreign states. The opposition requires from the higher echelons of power to show the example of economics and renounce guards, planes, residencies, escort services and living in public houses.   

"We promised that we would not hold protests. But after the official ban on any government rallies we took a decision in principle to hold our rally. It will be a modest peace rally," Ravshan Zheenbekov said.


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