Parliamentary factions are strip of their power to appoint protégé for post of heads of state agencies and state services

Fuente: News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
07 Abr 2014

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan strip factions of their power to appoint their protégé at post of heads of state agencies and state services, the Leader of Ar-Namys Felix Kulov said to news agency.  

According to him, such decision was made by the president; the heads of all parliamentary factions supported him, when SDPK was given a mandate on forming a coalition. "That's why I can't tell you now who will be the head of the State Registration Service (SRS). Henceforth, it is prime minister's prerogative. But we will require the new chairman of the SRS to implement our program, in order to establish the unified information system for population registration and the State Registration Service to be deprived of licensing function. They should be transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Civil Registry Offices. We won't appoint and recommend anyone," Felix Kulov promised.

Recall, Ar-Namys faction held a contest on the post of the Head of the State Registration Service on February 21. According to its results, Askarali Torobayev, brother of Onguu deputy group Chairman Bakyt Torobayev, was elected. But for some obscure reasons Kulov didn't submit his nomination.

The former Chairman Erlan Saparbayev was removed from the office because of a conflict with the leader of the parliamentary "Dignity" (Ar-Namys).