Shairbek Mamatoktorov: Prime Minister, maybe, will try to keep post, but new parties won’t agree

24 Agency
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06 Oct 2015

Darya Podolskaya-.

"Prime Minister Temir Sariev, maybe, will try to keep the post, but new parties, which came to the parliament, won't agree," the expert Shairbek Mamatoktorov said to news agency.

According to him, the parties threw millions at the elections to the parliament not for this, but to receive dividends in the form of quotas in the government. "It all depends on the composition of the majority coalition. There each portfolio has a value, not talking about premiership. If Respublika - Ata Zhurt party doesn't join the coalition, maybe Temir Sariev will keep the post. And if it does, he will have to move. The Cabinet will change much, although it won't work better," Shairbek Mamatoktorov says.