Parties-winners to revise lists of parliamentary candidates

24 News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
07 Oct 2015

Darya Podolskaya.-

Parties-winners will revise the lists of parliamentary candidates. Headquarters of political organizations informed news agency.

 Note, according to preliminary data, 6 parties won seats in Parliament. Their offices say that as soon as the leaders return to Bishkek from the regions, meeting of political council's of the parties will be held to reshuffle the lists. Candidates for mandates, who did not gain votes at their assigned stations from the first position, will be shifted to the end and those, who worked and attracted the electorate, will rise up.

The first, who mentioned that the list of candidates will vary depending on the contribution to the election campaign, was the chairman of Republic - Ata Jurt party Omurbek Babanov. Members of the party even took an appropriate oath before the elections.

The CEC explained to news agency that a candidate can withdraw from the list at his own request or upon the decision of the political council of the party.

 According to preliminary data, the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan won the parliamentary elections on October 4, gaining 27.44 percent of votes. The second place takes Republic - Ata Jurt with 20.07 percent and the third - Kyrgyzstan (12.87 percent). Onuguu-Progress, Bir Bol and Ata Meken also passed in the Parliament.

The Central Election Commission will announce the results of the elections by October 24 after the final counting of votes from a number of remote polling stations and reviewing all complaints received in the voting process.