At least 6 lawsuits filed following parliamentary elections results

24 News Agency
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07 Oct 2015

Darya Podolskaya.-

At least 31 claims and 6 lawsuits were filed following the results of the parliamentary elections. The information was voiced at today's meeting of the Central Election Commission.

As noted, the complaints were received from voters who could not find themselves in the lists, but have passed biometric registration, as well as from parties which stated bribery and transportation of voters. For example, Azattyk party claimed that representatives of SDPK brought about 1,000 voters to a polling station in Alai district.

There is a statement that representatives of Onuguu Progress and Republic - Ata Jurt held election campaign at polling stations in Suzak and Bazar-Korgon district. There are reports of bribery from Butun Kyrgyzstan Emgek, SDPK and Ata Meken parties. "Complaints of this kind, we will send to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and TECs for verification. All the questions we will consider at the final session when announcing the results of the voting," the head of the CEC Tuigunaaly Abdraimov said.

His deputy Gulnara Dzhurabayeva offered to hand over the statements on the voter lists, in particular, from observers of Republic - Ata Jurt and Ar-Namys to the State Registration Service. "There are a lot of complaints on the form №2. We should consider this issue by ourselves," Gulnara Dzhurabayeva concluded.