Coalition of parliamentary majority to retain prime minister, but change his deputies

24 News Agency
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30 Oct 2015

Darya Podolskaya.-

Coalition of parliamentary majority will retain the Prime Minister Temir Sariev, but replace his deputies. Sources in the Parliament informed news agency.

According to it, Temir Sariev will take the post of head of government till the spring. As for the composition of the Cabinet, it will change by 20 percent. "First of all Deputy Prime Ministers will be replaced. Taiyrbek Sarpashev will stay, but Valery Dil, is likely to be replaced by Oleg Pankratov. Post of Vice Prime Minister for Social Affairs is likely to be returned to Elvira Sarieva," the parliament representative told.

Yesterday it became known that the four factions have agreed on the establishment of the alliance. As noted, it will include SDPK, Kyrgyzstan, Onuguu Progress and Ata Meken. The Respublika - Ata Jurt and Bir Bol remain in opposition.

The official signing of an agreement on a coalition "Stability, confidence and new opportunities in the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic" will be held on Monday, November 2.