New government to include two holding companies

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03 Nov 2015

The new government will include two holding companies. The parliament officials informed news agency.

According to them, this is National Energy holding company and the State Property Management holding. According to the preliminary structure, it is proposed to retain the level of the State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources and to pull the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Migration down to the level of Migration and Employment Service.

As the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Mining and Metallurgical Union of Kyrgyzstan Eldar Tadzhibaev noted, the Ministry of Labor should retain its status and the State Geology Agency should be transformed into a ministry.

 As news agency previously reported, the government will be headed by Temir Sariev, and the number of his deputies will be reduced from four to three.

List of ministries:

- Ministry of Economy and Industry

- Ministry of Internal Affairs

- Justice Ministry

- Ministry of Finance

- Ministry of Emergency Situations

- Ministry of Social Development

 - Ministry of Education and Science

- Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism

- Ministry of Health Care

-  Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Resources

-  Ministry of Transport and Communications

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

-  State Committee for National Security

-  State Committee for Defense

Agencies and services:

- State Property Management Fund

- Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund

- Social Fund

- National Energy Holding

- National Holding for State Assets Management

- State Agency for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Communal Services

- State Agency of Environment and Forestry

- State Communications Agency

- State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources

- State Agency for Physical Culture and Sports

- State Agency for Local Governments and Interethnic Relations

- State Antimonopoly Regulation Agency

- State Agency for Fuel and Energy Complex Management

-  State Drug Control Service

-  State Service for Combating Economic Crimes

-  State Penitentiary Service

- State Tax Service

-  State Customs Service

-  State Service for Financial Market Regulation and Supervision

- State Financial Intelligence Service

- State Intellectual Property and Innovation Service

-  State Service for Migration and Employment

- State Registration Service

- State Border Service

-  State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Safety Inspectorate

- State Inspectorate on Environmental and Technical Safety

The National Institute for Strategic Studies and the Higher Attestation Commission will remain under the guidance of the government. The parliament officials stressed that it is a preliminary draft structure, and it can be changed during negotiations.



Autora: Darya Podolskaya