Biometric ID cards to be used during presidential elections in 2017

24 News Agency
Fecha de publicación: 
04 Dic 2015

Biometric ID cards will be used for identification of citizens during presidential election in 2017 in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Chairman of the State Registration Service Dastan Dogoev said today at a meeting of the Social Democratic Party parliamentary faction.

According to him, system development concept has been worked out to develop a system for creation of a single population register. It is proposed to create a single centralized electronic data system which the state bodies can use.

"For example, if we introduce e-services portal, a person will have access to the register.  The operator himself will find all the data, for example, on obtaining a passport. Thanks to a single electronic system, a citizen obtains a passport by his own, and after 18 years his data is included into the database of voters. He or she can use the ID card for identification on the day of election. We suggest modification of the address register using the information system. This will modernize the system of determining the boundaries of the polling stations," Dastan Dogoev said.

"As for the biometric passports, it looks like this - my copy of the fingerprint will be stored on a chip in the ID card. During the election, a scanned fingerprint will be compared with the copy on the chip in the passport. This system is now used throughout the world," he added.