‘Gifted’ journalists

04 Mayo 2013
The Peninsula

Newspapers in Qatar are young compared with other countries in the region or the Arab world as a whole, but not so young that they cannot attempt bold and critical stories.

But, sadly, a culture of gifts, cash handouts and free overseas trips has taken root, which is spoiling journalists, and the newspapers seem to be turning a blind eye to the malaise as that helps them multiply their advertising revenues.

New programme for QLC ‘leaders’

29 Nov 2012
Qatar Tribune

DOHA QATAR Leadership Centre (QLC) held an orientation day for 35 participants of the newly launched current and future executive leaders programme 2012-2013.  The orientation session was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Doha, recently, where Sheikh Dr Abdulla bin Ali al Thani, board member and executive director of QLC outlined the programme goals, structure and QLC vision to the new participants.