IECC Disqualifies 7 Candidates Two Days Before Elections

Fecha de publicación: 
18 Oct 2018

The Independent Election Complaints Commission’s (IECC) spokesman Ali Reza Rohani on Thursday announced seven more candidates have been disqualified.

The IECC spokesman said the seven candidates were disqualified for various reasons. Some had criminal records, others were found to be ineligible and one had Iranian citizenship, he said.

According to him, the disqualified candidates were from 6 different provinces.

Two were from Herat and one each from Wardak, Farah, Kunduz, Ghor and Balk provinces.  

Seven candidates are: Abdullah Sahil (Kunduz), Abdul Karim Shafaq (Farah), Samira Khairkhwa (Balkh), Habibullah Ghoryani (Herat), Robina Walizai (Maidan Wardak, Ahmad Shah Sadat (Herat) and Ghulam Nabi Saqi (Ghor).

He also made it clear that the commission has the authority to disqualify more candidates before Saturday if necessary.

Rohani also stated that IECC offices are open in all provinces and will address all election violations.

According to him, members of the public will have two days to lodge complaints after Saturday and all IECC employees need to observe this ruling.

Rohani also said that not disclosing electoral violations and fraud will be treated as a crime and that if there are no IECC staff members and observers at polling stations on the day - votes from that station will be deemed invalid.

He warned all stakeholders and voters that the burning of any votes is a crime and that using someone else's voting card and buying votes are also crimes.

The campaign time frame for candidates ended at midnight last night. In line with this, the IECC said these candidates have between today and tomorrow to provide details on the ECC says candidates have to provide details of what they spent on the campaign between today and tomorrow. He says if any candidates have spent more than the law allows for action will be taken against them.

Rohani says members of the public will have two days to lodge complaints after Saturday and that all IECC employees need to observe this.

He also stated they have received 170 complaints about candidates having started their campaign before the start date. Most complaints have been addressed and candidates have been fined. During the campaign, 311 complaints were received where candidates have violated rules, he said.