Delaying Elections Is One Plan Under Discussion: IEC

Fecha de publicación: 
25 Nov 2018

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) Sunday said that delaying next year’s presidential elections is one idea currently being discussed by the election management body. 

Speaking to TOLOnews, IEC deputy spokesman Abdul Aziz said: “As you are aware of the presidential elections next year and the elections in Ghazni province, including provincial and district council elections, discussions and debates are ongoing within the independent election commission. One of the possible plans which was leaked to the media was about holding four simultaneous elections and to delay these elections for some months; but currently it is only an idea and this plan has not been finalized. But discussions are continuing; the leadership of the Independent Election Commission is committed to coordinate and share the plan for the presidential elections and the rest of the elections with our electoral partners such as the electoral complaints commission, political parties and political movements, observers, civil society and media.”  

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani’s CEO Abdullah Abdullah said the option of an interim administration is not possible as it is too late and that the country has no other option except to hold presidential elections. 

“There are discussions at a social level about an interim administration and non-interim administration and these things, but the way (forward) is the continuation of the political process and holding elections. When we remove elections from the way, then we lose elections and the entire way we have come through,” said Abdulalh. 

Reports surfaced in the media recently that elections could possibly be delayed as part of the efforts being made to persuade the Taliban to come to the negotiations table. 

But the election commissions said that the peace process has nothing to do with the electoral process.

“Not at all, the peace process has nothing to do with delaying the elections,” added Ibrahimi.