Fourth Presidential Candidate Files Nomination Papers

Fecha de publicación: 
13 Ene 2019

Enayatullah Hafiz was the fourth presidential elections' candidates to file nomination papers at the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday. 

Hafiz said if he becomes president, he will try to maintain peace and bring changes to the lives of the people.

“I apply myself to create brotherhood, unity, bring peace and changes in the tablecloth of the people and return laughter to the lips of the nation,” said Hafiz. 

Janat Gul and Master Shahrani also registered their names as first and second vice presidents respectively. 

Hafiz said he will not make a team with any powerful men, human rights violators or those who are accused of corruption in the elections.

“No criminal will have a place in our team,” said Hafiz. 

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) meanwhile said a number of other election teams have prepared to file nomination papers at the commission. 

“A number of people including Zalmay Rasul, Faramarz Tamana and other figures have contacted us and they will file nomination papers by the end of this week for presidential elections,” Abdul Aziz Ibrahimi, deputy spokesman of IEC said. 

The candidates’ registration process was officially launched about 10 days ago and, so far, four candidates have filed nomination papers.