Lebanese expatriates vote in parliamentary elections

Al Jazeera
Fecha de publicación: 
08 Mayo 2022

Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanese expatriates have begun casting their votes in Lebanon’s parliamentary elections, almost three years into a crippling economic crisis that has decimated the Lebanese pound, sparked unprecedented inflation, and pushed thousands of people to leave the country.

Lebanese expats living in 10 countries – including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq – will vote on Friday, while the diaspora living in 48 other countries will vote on Sunday.

Lebanese citizens at home will vote on May 15.

A total of 244,442 Lebanese abroad have registered to cast their ballots in the election, more than double the number of expats who signed up to vote in the previous polls in 2018.

Source: Lebanese expatriates vote in parliamentary elections | Elections News | Al Jazeera