Al-Khatib will not run in elections again Al-Assad

Middle East Monitor
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04 Mar 2014

The former head of the Opposition Syrian Coalition Moaz Al-Khatib renewed his refusal to compete with Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad in presidential elections.

In a message published on his Facebook page yesterday, Al-Khatib wrote: "We will not give any legitimacy or a cover to the elections carried out by the regime, which aims at maintaining its existence in power. When there are objective circumstances for free elections, we will not hesitate to support them."

He added that when free elections are held he would not insist on running should more competent candidates be found.

Al-Khatib's remarks came after some parties accused him of being ambiguous regarding running for presidency. He commented on pages calling for him to run in elections: "They are considered practical indications for the need of Syrians to have a new leadership and put an end to the notion of: immortal leadership."

The former leader of the opposition coalition did not accept that such elections should take place at the moment. "There is no way for such elections to take place because half of the nation is displaced and one quarter of it is in cemeteries, prisons or hospitals.

"Even the quarter of the nation, who is affiliate to Al-Assad, is suppressed," he said.

He noted that every Syrian knows how elections are carried out and how the Constitution is controlled by the desires of the regime which manipulates the results of any elections.

Addressing the issue of elections, Al-Khatib said that it is not an individual action, but a "dangerous responsibility" that has to be discussed with transparent politicians, civil task groups and "clean" rebel groups.

In addition, he stressed that there must be contact with the suppressed part of the nation, which lives under Al-Assad's control.

Presidential elections in Syria are expected to take place in July. Al-Assad is expected to run for elections.