Ashraf Ghani Criticizes Government Meddling In Elections

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19 Mar 2014

Addressing his supporters in Kunduz province on Wednesday, presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai pledged to ensure the establishment of two new districts in the province. Moreover, Ghani's first vice president Abdul Rashid Dostom declared his optimism about winning the election in the first run.

“This large gathering shows that we will win the election in the first round,” Dostom said.

Ghani travelled to the area in a helicopter and was warmly welcomed by this supporters. In his speech, Ghani criticized the interference and partiality of the government in the election process.

“We demand that the government does not interfere in the elections," Ghani said. "Our people would not tolerate government resources used in favor of particular candidates."

Ghani was accompanied by some prominent personalities including former cabinet members and legislators. He pledged to undertake necessary measures for the protection of Amu River Bank and the expansion of Tajikistan Railway. Furthermore, he promised to reform the educational system so people can study in their local, native language.

“We will especially focus on Kunduz province. If we win the election, necessary measures would be taken for sustainability of Amu River bank and much more,” Ghani stated.