IEC: Riggings Will Undermine ANSF Capability

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19 Mar 2014

Head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani on Wednesday expressed apprehensions over possible electoral fraud enabled by security threats, saying that this will also undermine the effectiveness of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

Nursitani called on security institutions to clarify which areas they can maintain security in to ensure the safety of polling booths and voters. The IEC will soon share its assessments with security organs, Nuristani added.

With the elections fast-approaching, insecurity constitutes one of the major concerns.

"If any riggings are reported because of insecurity, then the security institutions would be responsible, not the election commission," Nuristani warned.

"People always ask me about my concern and I always point out security threats. The people of Afghanistan are distressed about the election security."

The statement of the IEC chairman reveals that the election commission is still apprehensive and keeps some reservations over the abilities of the ANSF. The IEC has said that there should not be exaggerations over the security of election, asking that ANSF clearly announce the scope of their abilities to maintain security.

"I hope that security institutions soon confirm the areas under threats so that people are aware of the issue and can cast their votes confidently," civil society advocate Zuhra Naderi said.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) has reassured the IEC of providing substantial security coverage to the upcoming polling.

"On election day, 350,000 personnel will maintain security," MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqi said. "The insurgents lack the potential to face the ANSF. No one would be allowed to dismantle elections."

Some civil society institutions have mocked the controversy between the IEC and security officials.

This is not the first time such arguments happen over election security.