Sayyaf Promises To Establish Islamic Rule If President

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26 Mar 2014

Afghan presidential candidate Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf pledged in a speech in Herat on Tuesday to implement Islamic law and punish killers with the death penalty if he is elected president.
According to Sayyaf some elements try to frighten people regarding the involvement of the Mujahideen in the political process, and said that he would try to establish a totally Islamic rule in the country. 
“We will establish an Islamic system which was also the aim of Jihad so that our oppressed nation is in the shadow of an Islamic government,” Sayyaf said.
In addition, Sayyaf said that if the Afghan people elect him, he will focus on freedom of press and support to civil society institutions and women's rights.
“Make a decision so that Allah helps a Jihadi leader get victory in the election and implement justice and rule of law in the country,” said Sayyaf’s first vice-president running mate, Mohammad Ismail.
Ismail asked his supporters to vote in favor of Sayyaf in the April elections to further strengthen security and reconstruction of the country. 
Sayyaf also pledged to establish highways and dams if he wins the elections and said will accelerate the renovation of cultural monuments and ancient heritage sites of the country.