UN Asks Candidates To Accept Election Results

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27 Mar 2014

The Deputy of Secretary of the United Nations, Hervé Ladsous said on Monday that rigging allegations must not be a pretext for refusing election results.

Mr. Ladsous, who is in Kabul to participate in the Nowruz festival, expressed his satisfaction over this year’s election preparations stating that the he hopes for a fair and transparent election as well as urging Afghan people to go vote.

“The United Nations does not stand with or against any candidate,” Ladsous said. “We are totally unbiased. We are in support of the Afghan election electoral authorities, but will assist them when needed, but as I said before, we are in absolute impartiality.”

He said the war against riggings is not only the job of the government, but the responsibility of the Afghan people, especially the election monitors who can prevent fraud from happening.

 “It is very important that candidates accept in advance the results of the elections,” he said. “Allegations of fraud should not be accepted.”

This comes at a time where Afghanistan prepares for elections within a week. The UN has urged Afghans to vote in the elections marking the future of their country. UN also stated that no one has the right to deprive Afghans from voting.


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