Syria: 24 Hopefuls to Presidential Elections Announced by Deadline

Al Manar
Fecha de publicación: 
01 Mayo 2014

Speaker of Syria People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham announced Thursday that Ziad Adnan Hakawati, Ahmad Ali Qsei’eh, Mohammad Mohammad Nassr Mahmoud, Ali Hassan al-Hassan, Ahmad Omar Dabba, Mahmoud Naji Moussa and Hossein Mohammad Tijan registered to stand in the presidential elections.

Al-Laham said the Assembly received notes form the Supreme Constitutional Court that the new seven candidates had submitted applications to run for presidency.

The candidates need to get written approvals from at least 35 MPs each, otherwise their applications would be dismissed.

The total number of presidential candidates was put at 24 as the deadline of registration ended today. The Constitutional Court has already received candidacy applications from 17 persons.