Jordan Allows Syrian Embassy to Host Presidential Polls

Al Manar
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16 Mayo 2014

Jordan said on Thursday that it does not mind allowing Syrians living in it to cast ballots in their country's presidential election at the Syrian embassy in Amman.

Syrian expatriates around the world were invited by the government of their country to go to Syrian embassies and consulates in other countries on May 28 for presidential polls, that are likely to give president Bashar al-Assad a third term in office.

Jordanian Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Khalid Kalaldeh said the Syrian embassy in Amman had notified the Jordanian government that it will open its doors to receive Syrians living in the Hashemite kingdom to cast ballots in the presidential election.

The presidential election inside Syria is scheduled for June 3, a process that is opposed by several Arab countries as well as the Syrian opposition.

A Syrian opposition delegation was reported to have recently visited Amman for talks with Jordanian government officials on several issues, including the Syrian presidential elections.

The members of the delegation had asked the Jordanian government not to allow polling for Syrian expatriates in Jordan, a source said on condition of anonymity.

Syria has been ravaged by civil war for more than three years now, but over recent months the balance of power started to be titled toward Syrian national military forces, which announced the recapture of several areas.