Syria: Presidential Elections Herald End of the Crisis

Al Manar
Fecha de publicación: 
01 Jun 2014

Information Minister Omran al-Zoabi asserted that the upcoming presidential elections herald the end of crisis in Syria, while forces in the US, Europe and the Gulf who support terrorism work to prolong the crisis.

The Minister told al-Manar TV on Friday that the elections are carried out according to the constitution and law, and that the greater majority of Syrians inside the country are in areas under the control of the Syrian state and army, and these people will take part in the elections.

He said that the turnout of presidential elections abroad was good, and that the statements made by some Lebanese forces in response reflect these forces' political neurosis, asserting that doors are open for all Syrians to return to their country and the government is prepared to receive and accommodate them.

Al-Zoabi said the war on Syria seeks to dismantle the Syrian state and destroy its capabilities and its Arab, regional, and international role, adding that supporters of terrorism don't want President Bashar al-Assad because he preserves the Syrian state and strengthens it.

The Minister stressed that state establishments and workers are not involved in the candidates' elections campaigns as per the rules of the constitution, and that the official media outlets treat all candidates equally.

He said that the state is working hard to keep elections free of any flaw and to make it exemplary, fair, transparent, impartial, and democratic, adding that over 200 media outlets in Syria and 70 TV channels that entered Syria recently are meeting the candidates and interviewing the people in the streets.

Al-Zoabi said that terrorists may try to disrupt the elections, but Syrians' will indicates that everyone will vote to send a message of rejecting terrorism and the conspiracy against Syria, adding that those who think that their votes don't matter or don't change anything are mistaken.

On the UN's intent to appoint a new envoy to Syria, the Minister said this envoy must be fair, impartial, objective, and have moral standards, noting that former envoy Lakhdar Brahimi was not fair, impartial, objective, or transparent; rather he was only concerned with carrying out the demands of the Americans and some countries in the region.