Oman election: ‘Majlis Al Shura needs to have a bigger voice’

Times of Oman
Fecha de publicación: 
26 Oct 2015

Muscat: Omani citizens hope that the new Majlis Al Shura members get more privileges in terms of having their voices heard.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, Essa Al Riyami, a voter, said, “Elected Majlis Al Shura members represent the people, so they should have some rights to monitor government activities and projects.”

“But I hope people vote for the best and able candidates,” he said

“This is an opportunity for the candidates to be better than their predecessors. The situation these days (in Oman) has changed,” he added. Speaking to the Times of Oman, Al Riyami expressed his concern about the ‘power’ granted to Majlis Al Shura. “Everyone has been saying Majlis Al Shura will have special privileges, especially since 2011, but unfortunately, some issues that were raised were not taken care of,” said Al Riyami.

“They need to have a bigger voice for the (sake of the) nation,” he added.