Tripoli militias: yes to democracy, elections, moderate Islam. No to militarization, individual glorification, the criminal Hafter and external agendas!

Lybia Herald
Fecha de publicación: 
17 Feb 2019

In a statement released yesterday congratulating the Libyan people on the occasion of the eight anniversary on Sunday of Libya’s 17 February 2011 resolution, the Tripoli Protection Force (TPF), said they supported tolerant Islam, democracy and renounced the criminal Hafter.

The TPF is a coalition of Tripoli’s main militias including the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade, the Busleem Brigade and the Nawasi brigade. They amalgamated last December.

The TPF recalled the sacrifices of life made by Libyans during the 2011 Revolution for the homeland to end the age of “slavery and tyranny” to enjoy freedom and embark on democracy and building a state of institutions and law, under the umbrella of tolerant Islamic sharia.

The TPF said it renews and affirms its total rejection of the militarization of the state and the glorification of individuals who seek to govern Libyans without giving them the right to determine the fate of their homeland through democratic means for which martyrdom and blood sacrifices were made.

They affirmed their “utter denunciation of the process carried out by the criminal prisoner of war (Khalifa Haftar)” in our beloved South, which seeks to destroy its capabilities, wealth and social fabric.

They affirmed their total rejection of the war criminal’s (Hafter) project which seeks to reach power with the blood of the people of this country, financed by an external agenda that does not seek Libya’s  stability and prosperity.

The TPF confirmed their full readiness to “stand up and confront” those who try to undermine the stability of our dear homeland.

They concluded by affirming their support for the holding of free and fair elections that reflect the will of the people, to achieve their demand for a decent living and to build a state of law and institutions.


Sami Zaptia