Former Misrata Congressman calls for a new revolution in the city

Libya Herald
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06 Ago 2014

Hassan Al-Amin, one of the first members of the former General National Congress to resign over what he said were its political divisions and schemings, has called on young people in his home city of Misrata to carry out a “corrective revolution” there.

Making the call in the online Arabic newspaper Libya Al-Mostakbal, he declared that the move was needed to save the city from its current leaders who, he alleged, had abducted it and were dragging it towards disaster.

Misrata needed to mend fences with it neighbours and other paces in Libya, he said. He mentioned in particular that it should allow the people of Tawergha to return home – currently not a popular idea in Misrata.  In another pointed accusation, he claimed that the violations of human rights and suppression of dissent that existed under Qaddafi were happening there again today.

His call may fall on deaf ears.

Yesterday, there was a major demonstration in the city against the new parliament which is meeting in Tobruk and in support of Operation Libya Dawn in Tripoli which started just over three weeks ago.  Protestors claimed that Tripoli operation was itself a necessary correction to the 17 February Revolution in order to remove elements of the Qaddafi regime still in power.

Misrata is also the only place in Libya that has set its face totally against the new parliament. All of its elected members are refusing to go to Tobruk.

Meanwhile yesterday, the new municipal council took over the running of the city from the old local council.  At the handover ceremony, the old council was thanked for the work it had done by Misrata’s new mayor, Mohamed Ishtewi. He pledged that he and the new councillors would do their best to serve the city.


Ashraf Abdul-Wahab