Electoral chronology

Datesort ascending Type Observations Results
Nov 01 2020 Referendum The text was approved by the parliament, despite the oppositio's boycott and unpopularity See
Dec 12 2019 Presidential Regular elections scheduled on April 2019 were cancelled due to mass popular protests See
Jul 04 2019 Presidential Cancelled as two only candidates were disqualified See
Nov 23 2017 Local See
May 04 2017 Legislative See
Apr 17 2014 Presidential Fourth re-election of incumbent president Bouteflika, this time extremely ill. Five other candidates. Barakat organises boycott See
Nov 29 2012 Local Elections for 1,541 district councils and 48 provincial councils for a new 5-year term. Official turnout: 44%. Although the FLN won the elections by a large margin, it did not gain a majority in many councils forcing it to forge alliances. See
May 10 2012 Legislative Elections for enlarged 462 seat APN. For first time a female quota introduced, 17 new parties ran. Official turnout 42.9%. Despite apparent unpopularity, FLN wins 208 seats (more than next 11 parties combined). Elections with irregularities. See
Apr 09 2009 Presidential Bouteflika re-elected for third term with 90.24% of votes, after changing Constitution to allow him to do so. 5 other candidates shared remaining 9% of votes. Official turnout: 74.5%. Elections neither free nor fair. See
May 17 2007 Legislative Regular elections for 389 member APN. Official turnout a record low 35.5%. The FLN again won most seats by a large margin, the Presidential Alliance (FLN, RND, MSP) scoring an easy majority. Elections neither free nor fair. See