Official name: 
Name in local language: 
Persekutan Malaysia
Form of government: 
Political system: 
Parliamentary Democracy
  • Founding date/ Date of independence: 31, August 1957 but the independence process ended in 1963.
  • Date of constitution/reform:1957/amended several times. Last time in 2007
  • Form of state: Federal
  • Administrative divisions:13 states and 3 federal territories
  • Official language(s): bahasa melayu
  • Other spoken languages:tamil, chinese dialects and english
  • Minorities:chinese and tamil
  • Dominant actor(s):National front (Barisan Nasional)
  • Elected institutions of government: federal parliament (2 chambers), state parliaments and the king
  • Non-elected  institutions of government:
  • Party system:multiparty system but with a dominant political actor (Barisan Nasional)

Current authorities

  • Head of state: King Muhammad V (Since April 2017)
  • Head of government:Mohamed Najib Abdel Razak
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs:Sri Anifah Hj. Aman
  • Minister of Interior: Datuk  Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
  • Head(s) of Legislative Branch: Datuk Seri Panglima Pandikar Amin Haj Mulia (Lower House president)
  • Composition legislative branch:
  • Head of the Judiciary: Md Raus Sharif 
  • Schematic representation of the political system: Link a PDF con gráfico