Kuwait emir reappoints prime minister to form new cabinet

Arab News
Publication date: 
Jan 25 2021

Kuwait’s emir reappointed Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah as prime minister on Sunday and tasked him with choosing ministers for a new government.

Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah last Monday accepted the government’s resignation, led by Sheikh Sabah.

The resignation came “due to the current developments in the relationship between the National Assembly (parliament) and the government,” state news agency KUNA reported on Sunday.

Sheikh Sabah thanked the emir for appointing him and pledged “to make every effort to translate his directives and realize the hopes and aspirations of citizens.”

The prime minister said the relationship between the government and the National Assembly has been drawn up by Article 50 of the constitution regarding the separation of powers.

He said he would “relentlessly endeavor in the next stage to enhance constructive cooperation and bridge viewpoints with MPs before announcing the ministerial formation and coordinate with them to define legislative priorities to achieve the desired reform in various fields, to develop the economic environment, and to achieve prosperity and progress.”

He said the next government would also continue the fight against corruption, tackle economic and social issues, and the develop infrastructure and public services.

“Executive and legislative authorities are facing numerous and serious challenges in light of international and regional changes and the crises that afflict the local and global economy, especially in light of the increasing escalation of the coronavirus pandemic and its dangerous repercussions,” the prime minister said.

Three MPs, who were elected in December, submitted a request to question the prime minister on Jan. 5, accusing him of not cooperating with the National Assembly.

The motion was supported by about 34 other MPs, which meant a total 37 MPs supported the interpellation of the prime minister out of 50.


Source: https://www.arabnews.com/node/1797536/middle-east