Deputy Prime Minister escapes assassination attempt

Libya Herald
Publication date: 
Jan 29 2014

The Deputy Prime Minister and acting Interior Minister, Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman, escaped an assassination attempt today in Tripoli.

“He was attacked when his car was shot at by gunmen,” Deputy Interior Minister Bahloul Al-Sayed told the Libya Herald. He added that Abdulrahman was not injured in the attack and was now heading to the General National Congress (GNC) to attend a pre-arranged meeting.

A member of the Tripoli Security Directorate media office confirmed that Abdulrahman’s armoured car was fired on this morning. “They emptied all their bullets on the car but none of them penetrated the armour and he escaped unhurt,” he said.

The attack happened when the minister was leaving the Dawa Al-Islamiya complex of buildings in Tripoli’s Falah district, near the airport road.