Chairman of CoM announces Withdrawal from the Race for the Presidency of BiH?

Sarajevo Times
Publication date: 
May 15 2018

Denis Zvizdic is getting closer to the decision not to be included in the list of potential candidates of the SDA as a member of the Presidency of BiH. He noted that unity within the SDA party is much more important than any individual.

“I want to thank all the municipal SDA committees that have nominated me as a member of the Presidency of BiH. The support of more than 90 % of the SDA Boards from the entire BiH has a special value for me, and it represents a great honor and a true satisfaction for the job that I did when it comes to overall progress, firstly of BiH, but also election promises and goals of the SDA,” stated  Zvizdic.

He reiterated his earlier opinion that unity within the SDA is more important than any individual.

“We, of course, are still talking about the conformity proposal of the Personnel Commission of SDA, which was not followed by any criteria or analysis of candidacies from the field. Therefore, I do not want to prejudge the decision of the Presidency of SDA, but I believe that the Presidency should take over statutory responsibility and propose only one credible candidate from all those proposed, which we will all support and who will be promoted at the upcoming convention of SDA party,” said Zvizdic, and  added that regardless of the support that he received from the field, he does not have to be that candidate.

“My personal function has never been more important to me than the unity of the party and the common good, but that can be any proposed candidate who receives the support of the President and the Presidency of the SDA. In case that the Presidency of SDA agrees that the number of candidates from the field is not sufficient argument for the decision, although it was noted that the position of the base would be decisive in all previous statements, I would like to say that I am not ready to support that kind of a proposal because I do not consider it logical and therefore I will not participate in any further election procedures at the announced convention of the party since that would be contrary to my repeatedly stated position on preserving the dignity and the necessity of achieving unity within the SDA party,” stated Denis Zvizdic.

He especially emphasized that, in the personal sense, an important reason for this attitude is the long-standing friendly relationship with President Bakir Izetbegovic and his wife.

“With everything I said, I consider my possible withdrawal from a further decision-making process on a candidate for the member of the Presidency of BiH from the SDA as an adequate decision in the current circumstances,” concluded Zvizdic.


Sarajevo Times